Stuck in Routine?

Challenge the status quo to make teams and projects PROGRESS

Overwhelmed Team?

Fuel your team with inspiration and turbocharge creativity SKILLS

Poor ROI?

Dare turning creative ideas into relevant & profitable SOLUTIONS

Punk Management is a unique creative thinking methodology based on unusual attitudes to deliver impactful & profitable outcomes.

It’s a surprising combination of TRANSGRESSION & PROGRESSION.

Unconventional thinking leads to more efficient progress.

An original mindset grounded in creative reflexes and new managerial attitudes aimed at breaking routine and tackling challenges more effectively.

A clear structured process and specific conditions to ne met in order to develop solutions or solve problems with discipline, originality and relevance.

Dynamic and surprising ideation techniques to ignite inspiration, break free from usual thinking patterns and generate ideas on demand, when you need some.

A new leadership style that triggers creative complicity within teams and changes the way individuals look, think and operate everyday.


We make your teams live unique and exciting experiences (from ½ to 3 days) designed to disrupt soporific routines, enhance cohesion, foster collective intelligence, deliver concrete and profitable results.

Problem Solving

Expecting different results using the same old process is foolish. We help your teams solve problems by pivoting away from conventional methods to imagine and build creative & smart solutions.

Detonating Keynotes

We've shattered the usual keynote format and embarked on something entirely fresh. More than a keynote, it's an engaging questioning, full of humor, disruptive insights, inspiring stories, and actionable advice.

Our team

Alain Leduc is crazy passionate about creativity and Innovation for 25 years. He launched Punk Management with a clear will to stand out. He studied Creativity and Innovation at University of Psychology (Paris – 2008 Official Certification) and he is graduated in International Marketing Management from EPHEC (Brussels 1994). Alain operates in English and French.

Baptiste Gemis is a marketing & communication professional. He has a proven track records in the media & publishing sector in both b2b and b2c sectors. He also developed a broad knowledge of (digital) marketing, communications & social media. Baptiste leads assignments about Creativity & Innovation in Dutch and French.